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The are many different species of spiders and a common misconception is that all spiders in Australia are venomous. There are many common Australian spiders, some are household spiders you see from day-to-day to ones that are more commonly classed as garden spiders.

Australia leads the world in the number of venomous spiders as well as the toxicity. However, of almost 10,000 species of spiders in 70 families throughout the country, most are harmless to humans.

If your searching on how to get rid of spiders then the answer is simple, call Pests Out WA. We can eradicate your pest problem with our special environmental friendly chemicals. Tiny spiders, red spiders, black spiders or light brown spiders no matter the type they are still a nuisance as nobody likes spiders in the home. Australia does of course have a number of venomous spiders and if you have small children it’s also a good idea to protect them by making sure that any early signs of a spider pest problem are treated as soon as possible. Most spiders are non-toxic but in Perth we do have several venomous species including Red Backs and White Tails.

Having regular spider treatments can help to safely eliminate the risk of spider bites to your family, as well as getting rid of those unsightly webs! If you are looking to identify the types of spiders then we can recommend searching for a free identification chart, but if you’re looking to protect your family and home then please give us a call.


The redback spider is closely related to the Black Widow and identical except for the red dorsal stripe. A bite may be life-threatening to a child, but is rarely serious for an adult. There are approximately 2,000 recorded redback spider bites each year, and about 250 receive anti-venom. No deaths have been recorded since anti-venom was introduced in the 1950s. The main symptom of a redback spider bite is severe and persistent pain.


The two common species of white-tailed spiders are Lampona cylindrata and Lampona murina. They are similar in appearance; L. cylindrata is slightly larger with females being up to 18mm long while males are up to 12mm in body length. The legs span approximately 28mm. The two species are not easily distinguished without microscopic examination. They are slender spiders with dark reddish to grey, cigar-shaped bodies and dark orange-brown banded legs.

If you are bitten by a spider DO NOT bandage the area.

Make sure you restrict movement, apply ice and seek medical attention. You can also call the Poisons Hotline on 13 11 26


Each home interior treatment includes the following areas as standard:

  • All skirting & cornices
  • All linen, kitchen & bathroom cupboards
  • Doorways and frames
  • Roof voids
  • Carpet edge
  • Window sills
  • Pantries
  • Air conditioning vents
  • Ceiling fans
  • Behind fridges, dishwashers and kitchen appliances
  • Bin areas
  • Drainage points

Each home exterior treatment includes the following areas as standard:

  • Every external wall – top to bottom
  • Windows frames
  • Door frames
  • Eaves
  • Gutters & down pipes
  • Alfresco and pergola areas – every surface treated
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Children’s play equipment
  • Sheds (inside & out)
  • Bins
  • Letterbox
  • Perimeter fence lines including capping
  • Pool fencing
  • Roof voids
  • Washing lines
  • Blanket sprays to all paved areas and garden beds
  • Cubby houses
  • Granny flat and extensions

Our number one priority is the health and safety of your family and pets.  We guarantee all of our work for a period of three months. The main products we use are modelled on natures very own insecticide ‘pyrethrum’ derived from the chrysanthemum  flower and are completely colourless, odourless, simple and effective.

Successful control of spiders requires planning followed by an extensive and thorough treatment by a professional pest control company. To eradicate this persistent pest requires a close understanding of its biology, lifestyle and habits.


Methods of Treatment Include:

Residual Insecticidal Spray Treatments

Insecticidal Dust Treatments

Smoke generators


Pests Out WA has that expertise and years of practical field experience. We know exactly which products to use, when to use them and where.

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