Bird Spikes

Designed for areas of heavy infestation, our bird spikes are an adaptable and easily installed method of preventing perching birds from landing on almost any surface. Birdpoint spikes are one of the most effective and robust bird spike systems available. Specifically designed for areas of heavy infestation, the angled wires increase the effectiveness of the bird deterrent spikes, making it difficult for pigeons to land and so moving them elsewhere without hurting them.

Our Bird Spikes are suitable to deter pigeons, seagulls and other birds with our pigeon spikes proving particularly popular.

The stainless steel or plastic bird spikes and pigeon spikes are available from single row for narrow ledges up to wider multi-row bird spikes that are more effective for heavy pressure sites and where a deeper protection is required.

The Birdpoint bird deterrent spikes are normally bonded to the surface material using a strong neutral silicone adhesive to avoid the need to penetrate the surface. This is of particular use when the surface material cannot be drilled as with leaded surfaces, parapet cappings and plastic signage.

The Birdpoint bird spikes are available with plastic or stainless steel prongs from 304 grade to 316 grade stainless.


It’s not usually a simple task to get rid of Birds, which is why you may want to contact the specialists in Bird control in Perth, Pests Out WA. With many years' experience and with access to the best techniques and equipment, we will provide a thorough analysis of the problem and provide a full written report with optional solutions in controlling or ridding these pests.

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