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We offer bespoke solutions to prevent Pigeons, Seagulls and other types of birds from roosting and fouling on buildings and structures. Pigeons and Seagulls can become a real nuisance to your business; Seagulls are especially protective and aggressive during the breeding season. If the gulls believe their eggs or young are in danger, they understandably become very protective.

All systems are custom made to suit the individual requirements and our project managers, installers and technicians will offer competent advice and a professional service ensuring that our works are carried out are to the highest of standards.

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Bird Netting

Bird nets are an effective bird deterrent providing a discreet and impenetrable barrier that protects the premises without harming the birds. more info...

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Bird Spikes

Our Bird Spikes are suitable to deter pigeons, seagulls and other birds with our pigeon spikes proving particularly popular. more info...

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Bird Wire

Our bird wire system consists of a fine, nylon-coated, spring-tensioned stainless steel wire supported by stainless steel posts, which are fixed into stonework using nylon anchor rivets. more info...

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Electric Bird deterrents

AVISHOCK™ is a minimum visibility, tactile electric bird scarer system. It uses a small electrostatic pulse to scare birds away from unwanted areas. more info...

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Optical Bird gel

The bird repellent gel is quick and easy to install. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and causes no damage to buildings or structures. more info...


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